Mad Science Party Lab

A great place for fun and education combined! We would love to host your next birthday party right here.

Kids celebrating birthday holding balloons and presents wearing birthday hats with confetti falling over white background

Our New Venue

We host a number of events; taking the no-mess Mad Science experience to the next level- now at our brand new lab in the works. We specialize in birthdays and will ensure the best experience possible for your guest. Call to book your party today!

Our Progress Photos
Black and Red Molecule Model

Party Room Features

The Mad Science Lab is the PERFECT place for any budding young scientist to celebrate their birthday. With cool decor, incredible experiments, and amazing instructors to guide them through their experience, their time here is sure to be a blast!
*Booking will start Nov.
*Rental for the Lab is $60.

Our Location

What’s Included in Our Party Room Package

  • On weekends, party times at the labs are: 10:00am, 12:30pm, 3:00pm, and 5:30pm. The time period is for 2 hours.

    On weekdays, we do parties at 6pm.

  • The room is fully set up and ready with tables and chairs for you and your guests when you get there.

  • All you need to bring are drinks and food... oh, and don't forget the cake!

  • Plenty of time for both your Mad Scientist Party program and for cake and presents as well!

  • Use of sink and refrigerator with freezer are included with the room.

  • Best of all, no cleaning! We do all the work.

Request a Party!

Ready to set your party date?

Additional Party Add-Ons

Rocket Launch- $40

Let your guests experience the excitement of assembling AND launching a rocket!

Cotton Candy Making- $40 *only available in our Lab

Who doesn't love cotton candy? The fresh, homemade kind is even better- and a perfect treat for everyone!

Dry ice with ice cubes

Dry Ice Bubbling Potion- $40

Let a hazy cloud of bubbling dry ice surround the kids. They'll feel like they're in a whole new, magical world!

Goody Bag with Science-Themed Toys- $7 each

Treat the whole party crowd to Mad Science Goody Bags filled with our innovative science themed toys!

Kids' Mad Science Lab Coat- $7 each

Your birthday guest will look and feel like a REAL scientist in our junior Mad Science branded lab coat!

Camera, film, picture, photo

Photo-Booth- $40 *only available in our Lab

With the addition of a Mad Science photo-booth, you're sure to have plenty of photos to remember this special day forever.


Do you supply decorations, or can we bring them?

The Mad Science Lab is professionally decorated in a cool science theme. So, you only need to bring balloons! We ask that nothing be hung or taped to the walls or ceiling. Please don't bring any confetti, glitter, silly string, fireworks, or piñatas. In addition to the party entertainment, Mad Science will provide covered tables and chairs.


Do I need to bring my own food and drinks?

Yes, and we recommend you bring only previously-prepared food for your party, like cake, pizza, or sandwiches. We do not have a full-service kitchen, but we do have a sink and a refrigerator to keep your items cold! Our facility is allergy-friendly, so please don't bring any peanut products.


What if our guests are running late?

Mad Science will be ready to begin your party entertainment at the arranged party time. If some guests are late and you request a delay, we may delay the start of your party entertainment. However, we have to end the party at the designated time.


How long does a Lab Party last?

Show and activity length is approximately 60 minutes with an additional hour for cake, opening presents, etc. If you are concerned about having too much free time, we have plenty of great Party Enhancers to consider. The Science of Cotton Candy or our Bubbling Potions experience each add approximately 15 minutes to your entertainment time.


What if we stay longer than intended?

Please respect other party groups start time. We need 30 min to prepare the Lab for the next party, so all parties must end at their originally designated times.


When do we do food, cake and presents?

The entertainment portion of your party will begin at the designated party start time. The show length is approximately 60 minutes. Any Mad Science party upgrades will take place after the show, and will require approximately 15 minutes each. You can use the remainder of your time in The Lab for cake, food/snacks or presents.


What if there is a mess?

Science can be messy, so minor spills/breakage by the Mad Scientist are our responsibility. We ask parents to be considerate of the next party's celebration. Excessive messes or damage to the Lab or furniture requiring repairs or significant additional cleaning may result in a $75 cleaning fee or charges for resulting repairs.


What time can we get into the Lab?

You and your guests should arrive at The Lab no earlier than 15 minutes prior to the arranged party time. Other parties are scheduled both before and after yours, and we want every group to have their expected Lab access and our undivided attention.