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Marvels of Science

Harnessing Heat

Children learn about the concepts of heat and heat transfer. They act out hot-cool molecular movements and work with a pair of unequal copper pipes to feel heat change. They build thermometers, participate in a tactile temperature test, and heat things up in a thermometer- changing, sand-shaking session. This warms down with a take-home temp- sensitive card that reacts to hot hands!

Lights.. Color…Action….

Explore the color spectrum of various light sources using prisms and diffraction lenses. A chromatography activity provides an interesting demonstration of separating printed colors on a filter. Children look at the world through tinted lenses to experience color-blindness and see through the eyes of animals. A light-induced, optical effects fun device to take home completes this marvel!

Magnetic Magic

This lab reveals the science behind magnet magic and magnetism mysteries. Children use magnetic wands to explore magnetic fields' attracting and repelling forces, confuse compass needles, and magnetize paper clips. Entertaining demonstrations illustrate the magnet's gravity-defying abilities and educate children about the Earth's magnetic properties. They bring the experience home with the Magnet Lab Take-Home.

Optical Illusions

This topsy-turvy topic challenges children to see the physics of optical illusions. Children discover optical illusions as a twisting coil climbs up and down without moving, and when a towel turns into a dog! They  manipulate flexible mirrors and explore the world with inversed vision and make a classic mirror illusion, the periscope to take home.

Sonic Sounds

This acoustic lab time fills an hour with music and all sorts of merry sounds! Engaging sound experiments and live demonstrations show the properties and transmission of sound waves. Ingenious, unlikely objects transform handheld horns, metal screws, wooden ratchets and beads into a symphony of story sound effects. Children complete the class with their Sonic Horn Take-Homes.

Tantalizing Taste

Children develop a taste for science! They get  hands-on with magnifiers, model tongues, and mirrors to see what their own tongues look like. A quick-tasting test sorts out which class members are supertasters. A nose-plugging experiment links taste and smell, and children scientifically sniff-out extracted scents. A Scratch ’n Match take home explores the sense of smell using scented cards.

 Watts Up

Children discover the world of electricity. They will see sparks fly from a Van de Graaff generator. Children make feathers levitate by creating a static field. They also tack on a wig to the Van de Graaff to generate a brilliant, hair-raising display from the repelling forces of charged atoms! Children assemble a Static Stick to Take-Home for some electron-jumping fun!


 Let’s learn nutrition and fitness. Children participate in building a nutritional pie chart using life-sized food replicas and perform experiments to learn how our bodies fuel up on food. They experiment with chemical mixtures called emulsions to learn how bile works. They take home a ‘Step- O-Meter’—a great fitness tool to measure step counts!


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