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Exploration Themes & Topics

Workshops may include any one or any combination of the following:



Scientific Method

This workshop introduces students to the common methodology used by scientists to formulate questions, make predictions, develop and perform experiments, collect and analyze data and draw conclusion. The children will run car races as they apply the principles learned.


States of Matter

Learn about the 3 states of matter as the students have fun with frozen and compressed CO2-dry ice.  Children get mesmerized with sublimating CO2 molecules! Talk about changing energy levels as matter changes from solid, to liquid to gas.


Walloping Weather

Students investigate the ways in which weather is predicted and measured. They  become meteorologists in training as they make their own UV Detector to take home. They investigate the amazing world of weather.


Exploring Ecosystems

See how plants and animals are connected and how they interact with their surroundings. Students will construct an Eco-Cube and take home his own journal so he can continue his ecology adventures at home.



Children will be junior geologists at this session. They will learn about the composition of the  earth, the rock cycle, tectonic plate movement resulting in earthquakes. They will get to use a model seismograph as they create earthquake!


Measurement and volume

Prepare the students for an hour of fun and learning as they understand the concept of volume and how to measure liquids. They will learn what is displacement based on the Archimedes principle. At the end of the session, children will enjoy ice cream –from actual measurements of the ice cream ingredients they measured.


Matter of Fact

Children will learn the differences between a physical and a chemical reaction. They will observe changes in color, bubble and precipitate formation, thermal change as they learn the clues of chemical reactions.



Science Stations/Booths may include any combination of the following:


Discover the wonders of magnetism, interact with magnets in motion, levitate objects and experiment with magnetic liquid.

Dry Ice!  
Explore the states of matter and discover the extraordinary properties of dry ice. Learn about sublimation and create a large-scale bubbling potion.

 Discover how lightning is formed. Experience the effects of static electricity. Explore conductors and insulators.
Learn about plasma, the 5
th state of matter. It’s an amazing experience! 

Discover polymers! 
 Did you know that your DNA is a natural polymer and that it is a part of our everyday living?
Learn the secrets of how our special polymer becomes snow or slime. Students will also get to make and  take home a polymer.  

Lights, Color, Action! 
Uncover the hidden components in ordinary light with our Mad Science diffraction glasses! 
Students will get to experience the science behind the many facets of color and lights!

Shake it up while you observe the affects of the tectonic plates on the surface of the earth.
Discuss the different ways that fast and slow processes change the world around us. Become a seismologist for a day!


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