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Returning in January 2019, Prepare your Pre-K to School Age scientists for six weeks of interactive engaging science workshops (1 hour long)  correlated with the OK Academic Standards for Science

  • Note: If you are using your learning fund to pay for Mad Science,

    please select cash at the end and we will invoice your learning fund directly.


    • Location (OKC):  Epic Office 4101 NW 122nd St, Oklahoma City, OK 73120, USA; Suite B (Every Friday starting January 25 at 11:00 am)
    • Location (Moore/Norman):  Andy Alligator's Fun Park 3300 Market Pl. Norman, OK 73072 (Every Monday starting January 14 at 10:00 am)
    • Location (Broken Arrow/Tulsa):   Epic Office 3810 S. 103rd East Ave, Tulsa, OK, 74146 (Every Monday starting January 28 at 10:00 am)
    • Location (Owasso):  No Limits Church, 403 W 2nd Ave, Owasso, OK 74055 (Every Thursday starting January 31 10:00 am)


    Note:  There will be no classes on Jan 21 and Feb 18 due to federal holidays.  Classes will be made up at the end.  

    Click here for PreK to 2nd grade topics

    Energy and Motion- Students learn all about energy and motion in this class. They discover and differentiate between stored energy and energy used in motion. Through acting out and demonstrations, they learn some basic laws of motion and how things move. They experiment with ribbon dancers, tube racers, Slinkys® and take home an energy toy called a “Boink®.” 


    Building structures Students learn all about different shapes and structures in this hands-on introduction to engineering science. They discover what shapes make strong structures and explore what forces keep tall structures and bridges together. They explore the concept of structures using Magnatiles® and even make their own structures to take home using colorful cornstarch noodles.


    Sea, Sand & Surf-  Take an imaginary trip to the beach and see how sand is made. Meet creatures that live in the ocean. Examine different shells, a starfish, & a sponge; and see how different sea creatures live. Discover how the sand on a beach is formed. Take home an interesting sea animal to tale home.


    Rocks and the Earth-  Calling all young rock enthusiasts. Children discover that rocks come in different forms, color, etc depending on how they were formed. They discover how different land formation such as volcanoes and mountains come to be. They learn that the earth has 3 layers. They break open a geode to take home.


    Wacky Water-  Children discover the amazing properties of water. They discover why water stick together and how water can stick to other things. They will be fascinated about what things like water (hydrophilic) and what don’t like it (hydrophobic). They will also learn what kind of materials float and sink in water and why. This is one fun watery day!


    All About animals-  Children get fascinated by animals. They have imitating the different sounds and noise they make They make animal tracks to learn how animal move and behave.  Children identify the different types of coverings for their bodies such as fur, scales and feathers. Animals look different from the time that they are babies to when they are adults. They take home the animal tracks they make.


    Click Here for 3rd to 5th grade topics:

    Lights.. Color…Action….-  This topic sheds light on the properties of color. Children observe demonstrations that blend colors to produce white light, and others that separate white light into colors. Experiments with prisms and diffraction lenses give children the opportunity to explore the color spectrum of various light sources. A chromatography activity provides an interesting demonstration of separating printed colors on a filter. The instructor leads an activity from white light to the ultraviolet range. Children look at the world through tinted lenses to experience color-blindness and see through the eyes of animals.  They take home diffraction glasses.


    Harnessing Heat-  Harnessing Heat introduces children to the physical facts about heat. Children learn how molecules move at different temperatures and how thermometers work. The instructor uses various tools like a heat gun and thawing blocks to demonstrate how we use temperature- sensitive equipment in our everyday lives. A series of interactive heat-induced experiments show how the hot and cold we feel is relative. Shaking up a bottle of sand shows how friction increases temperature. Children explore materials that transfer heat at different rates.


    Sonic Sounds-  Music and all sorts of merry sounds engage children in sound experiments and live demonstrations showing the properties and transmission of sound waves. Children listen to sounds made with solid materials— from plastic, to metal, to string. Ordinary objects like handheld horns, metal screws, wooden ratchets and beads transform into a story sound-effect symphony. Electronic devices reveal frequency when a pitch changing machine alters the sound. 


    “Fun”-damental Forces-  Find out what makes the world go around in an entertaining introduction to the basic concepts of forces. Sir Isaac Newton would be proud when young scientists investigate his law of inertia. Children experiment with mass and balance using their own centers of gravity. A comparison between rubber and dough balls brings the physical effects of forces to light. Gyroscopes, bike wheels, and toy racetracks reveal the concepts of precession and centripetal force. Children leave with a thirst for physics along with their very own Gravity Game take-homes.


    Photosynthesis-  Students get introduced to photosynthesis, including an understanding of the chemical processes at work in the plant and its role as the beginning of the energy flow in food webs. They will do a simple paper chromatography on chlorophyll and testing for starch as they explore the amazing photochemical reaction called ‘photosynthesis”.


    All About Animals-  All About Animals teaches children about the incredible, diverse life in the animal kingdom. Children learn how animals are adapted to their different habitats through specialized feet, fur, and feathers. Real tooth and claw replicas provide hands-on experience with the science of zoology. Activities about classification, camouflage, and animal life cycles introduce the diversity of animals on earth. Children step into the shoes of a naturalist as they create their own casts of animal tracks to take home





    Contact Your Epic Instructor or Mad Science Today! 

    OKC | 405-285-9643 

    Tulsa | 918-312-2436 


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