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Spring/summer Camps: Ages 4-6




 PreK to 1st grade Camp

Young Explorers’ Club 

Children explore different topics during this fun five-day camp. They take a trip through the solar system where each student become a Mad Science Astronaut in training. In an ‘explosive’ session students get introduced to simple chemistry fun. We simulate a volcanic eruption, observe protein molecules in action as they turn into explosive colors, and more. They get fascinated with light and learn how shadows and rainbow colors are made using a rainbow a catcher. They mix colors of light and explore the world of color. Take an imaginary trip to the beach and see how sand is made. Meet creatures that live in the ocean. Examine different shells, a starfish, & a sponge; and see how different sea creatures live. Make a tiny ocean to carry home ! This is a week of fun exploration and discovery!


Nature, Bugs and Blossoms

Young explorers discover the natural world of bugs, plants and humans! They learn the life cycle of a seed on to a fully grown plant. They investigate how the sun, the wind and the rain affect life—including not just plants but even creepy crawlies and bugs. They become weather artists using rain and wind as their tools! They explore the life of a caterpillar and discover how it turns into a beautiful butterfly. They make their own bug bracelet. They discover the difference between fruits and vegetables from their own placemats. They then make a mural of a garden with their fellow campers. This camp introduces the children to the beauty and awe of the world they live in!


My First Science Lab

Become a Mini Mad Scientist! This camp is a half-day program full of a variety of science topics that will excite and entertain young learners! Children explore their sense of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. They become paleontologists  searching for fossils and participating in mini dinosaur dig. Campers explore the science of animals  in the wild and under the ground- how they eat, live-and discover how fascinating these creatures are. The forces of the world come together in an exciting day devoted to gravity, inertia and energy. The week ends with an exciting mission to space to explore the planets, moons and stars. Take-home projects are built every day! Projects including minerals  and rocks for starting a rock collection, fossils, catapult, center of gravity star, a rocket, cartesian diver, and more.


Coding with Ozobots Bits

Ozobots bits introduce young campers to coding and robots with the stroke of a marker through color coding.  This is a camp of open learning, imagination and endless possibilities for discovery! Activities range from simple to paced challenges. They write their name large and clear, program it with Ozobot codes for their bot to walk on and follow. They go on a mission to deep space  and practice free drawing lines and Ozocodes as they race their classmates in a mission to Mars. Campers do cooperative games that teach teamwork and problem solving, such as identifying numbers on cards, learning basic math skills and more. Start them young and early to introduce the innovation and technology of the century.


Jr Engineers in Action

This camp is all  about imagination and creativity. Campers learn shapes, symmetry, structure design, function, load distribution as they build structures. They are given simple problems and they come up with a solution through designing structures using materials and media like paper,  foil,  magic nuudles, magnatiles, spaghetti, straws and even Qubits. They build strong  boats  to withstand high velocity winds. They build fortresses so strong from launching projectiles from catapults. There is so much to learn in this week of camp! 


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